So this is my last giveaway for the summer since I’ll be on holiday soon and won’t be able to send the items, but I’ll be back in July which is when I’ll end the giveaway and send the items off to you!

What the lucky winner will get:

Happy Jackson lunch box (My Very Healthy Snacks)

Happy Jackson lunch containers (Variety)

Polar Watch FT60 (white)

Frends Taylor Headphones (rose gold)

Chanel CC cream

Chanel Multi Glow powder

Chanel Nail Polish (613, 615, 619)

This is over £430 ($720 USD) and all yours if you win!

How to win:

  • Must be following me (I check) to follow click here
  • Reblog only (likes don’t count, but you can like to bookmark it)
  • Don’t reblog over 10 times per week (every week you can reblog 10 times, so that’s around 40 reblog)
  • Message for 5 more entries, send me an ask (not giveaway related)
  • Must have your ask open to I can tell you if you win
  • You’ll be disqualified if you delete this text and replace it with a self promo.
  • Must not be pro-self harm or have a self harm blog.
  • Every reblog = one entry

I will be randomly picking a winner on July 14th when I get back from holiday OR when this post hits 8,000 notes.

This is my last giveaway until summer is over, so try your best to win guys!

Don’t forget 1 reblog = 1 entry.

I am shipping internationally so anyone has a chance (I’ll pay for shipping, don’t worry!).